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Page of hazelmotes1's best tweets

@hazelmotes1 : It seems to me that if you can afford a barrel and a pair or suspenders you can afford a pair of pants.

@hazelmotes1: Press Conference:

How do you respond to accusations that you over sexualize everything?

Me: *slowly takes entire microphone into mouth*

@hazelmotes1: I need to get in shape. If I was murdered right now my chalk outline would be a circle.

@hazelmotes1: I constantly google "how to put your kids up for adoption" so my kids can find it on my search history and know that I'm not messing around.

@hazelmotes1: Me: Play dead
My Dog: *drives to my office and starts doing my job*

@hazelmotes1: I got fired on my first day as a paramedic for trying to revive everyone with true love's first kiss.

@hazelmotes1: Why does everyone have to point out they adopted their dog? Are they worried that we are suspicious because it doesn't look like them?

@hazelmotes1: My wife is all, "we love each other so much we finish each other's sentences," until it comes to a prison sentence.

@hazelmotes1: Me: Could a drunk person do this!? *assembles Ikea bookcase*

Her: that's supposed to be a couch.

@hazelmotes1: "Why does everyone hate me?" I texted with the clicky keyboard sound turned on.