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Page of iamspacegirl's best tweets

@iamspacegirl : alien: take me to your leader

me: take me to YOUR leader

alien: *suddenly nervous* are you going to eat him?

@iamspacegirl: *all the animals gathered around Adam*

Lion: Tell us again how you named us

Deer: Yes tell us tell us!

Adam: Well I-

Lumpsucker fish: boooo

Adam: I just-

Cockchafer beetle: BOOOOOOOO

@iamspacegirl: when everyone else grabs a partner immediately and the teacher says “why don’t you come up and dance with me”

@iamspacegirl: when there was one set of footprints in the sand, that was when I tripped and fell but Jesus didn't see and he kept walking for a little bit

@iamspacegirl: autocorrect: Dan!

me: No no, autocorrect, this is my DAD, we know him.

autocorrect: *growling* Dan.

me: *spritzing my phone with water* NO

@iamspacegirl: a guy told me his name was Drazen earlier and he did not appreciate me asking if that was short for dried raisin

@iamspacegirl: Once again I find myself online shopping for a velvet cloak at 4am. But fear not, me. one day you will be online shopping for something else at 4am whilst wearing a beautiful velvet cloak.

@iamspacegirl: *makes graveyard even scarier by carving all the tombstones into shark fins*

@iamspacegirl: just found myself walking around inspecting things in my front yard with my hands clasped gently behind my back, so my transition into my grandfather is nearly complete