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Page of itsa_talia's best tweets

@itsa_talia : when i end emails with


it is not abbreviated well-wishes, but letting you know that i am the best talia.

@itsa_talia: one time a friend asked me "how are you still single?!" and the list of reasons is still compiling in my head

@itsa_talia: we're going to have a president named jeb. president jeb.

@itsa_talia: i know 99.9999% of you don't know anything about california area stereotypes but this is such a fullerton thing

@itsa_talia: my cat sounds so cute when he sneezes but i really wish he'd stop wasting the coke. it's like goddamn amateur hour with him.

@itsa_talia: things getting way heated on my picture of flowers #couplestherapy