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Page of jjhartinger's best tweets

@jjhartinger : Isn't it time to start naming hurricanes after IKEA furniture.

@jjhartinger: [commercial for IKEA]

Are you easily frustrated? Want to find out?

@jjhartinger: I gave all the neighborhood kids at the summer block party a whistle and was immediately asked to leave. That was easy.

@jjhartinger: My neighbors, leaf blowing Larry and tile cutting Tim, are in the midst of a noise war, so I blasted "Let it Go" and won.

@jjhartinger: [Commercial for X-Games]

Drank too much Red Bull? Want to prove it?

@jjhartinger: I found my husband's shirt in the dishwasher & his beer mug in the hamper, but the details of this caper have yet to emerge.

@jjhartinger: Last night, James Bond came to me in a dream. Turned on the radio & told me that I had to fight for my right to party

Also, I tried Ambien

@jjhartinger: My 6yo niece grabbed all the sharpies & uttered, "I'm testing something out." I never knew this kind of fear existed.

@jjhartinger: Owner: I want to charge 6.99 for a cookie

Devil: I've got an idea

@jjhartinger: [Commercial for Disneyland]

Are you sunburnt and broke? Want to?