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Page of julie2288's best tweets

@julie2288 : The hardest part of raising kids is learning to let them go...

Especially when they're 19 and STILL can't remember to flush a toilet.

@julie2288: 90% of parenting is giving up the last fried cheese stick to your kid and pretending you're OK with it.

@julie2288: I told my dog 6,000 times, she could go out but I wasn't going to sit outside with her...

Long story short, I'm sitting outside with her.

@julie2288: "Do not iron"

Like that was ever going to happen...

@julie2288: Pregnancy tests in movies are so weird...
She hands him the test and he stands there holding this stick of pee like it isn't a stick of pee

@julie2288: Toddlers are the only life form that can exist entirely on their own snot, one goldfish cracker, and half a chicken nugget a day.