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Page of karanbirtinna's best tweets

@karanbirtinna : Dear people who write "That's it. That's the tweet" at the end, we know it's a tweet. It's Twitter. Can't be a tax return.

@karanbirtinna: Her: I'm leaving you.

Me: Is it because I believe that I'm a transformer?

Her: Yes.

Me: Don't leave me, I can change.

@karanbirtinna: People often name their kids after their favourite movie characters. I don't know why my daughter Chewbacca is so upset with me.

@karanbirtinna: Body: Damn it was a long day. Let's go to sleep.

Bladder: Even I'm done for the day.

Eyes: Ok I'm closing shop.

Brain: How do nudists clean their glasses?

@karanbirtinna: Me: I want us to get married.
Her: You'll have to ask my dad first.
Me: Ok but he's already married...

@karanbirtinna: Cannot believe that even in this day and age people discriminate against each other for petty things like race and religion. All people are deserving of love and respect if they're good looking. Period.

@karanbirtinna: Yoga class instructor: Welcome. Uhh why are you carrying a lightsaber?

Me: Misread the brochure I have.

@karanbirtinna: You guys are all saying that it's a parody account that tweeted that she was offended when a guy opened a door for her but the same thing happened with me. I too held open a door for a lady she yelled at me and told me to get out of the ladies bathroom.

@karanbirtinna: I have the body of a guy in his 20s.
If the morgue people ask about it, tell them you know nothing!