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Page of kiel_phillips's best tweets

@kiel_phillips : *Prosecution lawyer paints white stripe on otter*

DEFENCE LAWYER: Objection, Your Honour. He's clearly badgering the witness.

@kiel_phillips: INTERVIEWER: I'm sorry, I don't think you're really suited for the role of librarian


@kiel_phillips: ME: I would like a complaint form

ASSISTANT: Sorry, we have none left

ME: I would like two complaint forms

@kiel_phillips: JELLYFISH: *to friend* Want to see something disgusting? Watch this.

*stings person*

FRIEND: That wasn't dis...

JELLYFISH: Wait a minute.

@kiel_phillips: DOCTOR: I think you have a curvature of the upper spine
QUASIMODO: That a diagnosis?
D: We need an X-ray to confirm. Right now it's a hunch

@kiel_phillips: ME: Dave's coming over for tea

WIFE: Dave from work or Dave I'm having a secret affair with?

DAVE: *from inside wardrobe* I don't eat peas

@kiel_phillips: INTERVIEWER: So, do you have any questions for me?

ME: What's the Wi-Fi password?

I: About the job

M: What is the company Wi-fi password?

@kiel_phillips: ME: I'd like to return a defective boomerang

SHOPKEEPER: Ok. Where is it?

ME: I have no idea

@kiel_phillips: *Bee lands on flower covered in another flower's pollen*

FLOWER: What's that?

BEE: I can explain

F: I don't want to hear your lies, Ian