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Page of lawyerthoughts's best tweets

@lawyerthoughts : dear law students: nothing in the civil rules prohibits yelling out latin phrases like harry potter spells.

@lawyerthoughts: Hi you’ve reached my voicemail, this is by far one of the absolute worst ways to get in touch with me....leave a message.

@lawyerthoughts: I need to work on controlling the look on my face when I'm listening to stupid people.

@lawyerthoughts: court: counsel why are you yelling your questions from back there?
me: i've got my phone plugged in back here your honor.

@lawyerthoughts: Them: sir there's no food allowed in here.

Me: this is my service burrito.

@lawyerthoughts: Your honor? My client would like to address the court and ruin everything.

@lawyerthoughts: *throws phone over courthouse metal detector. catches phone on the other side. resumes conversation*

@lawyerthoughts: Dear law students: my opposing counsel just asked her witness how old she was when she turned 18. You'll be fine.

@lawyerthoughts: First they ignore your fanny pack, then they laugh at your fanny pack, then they see you eat gummy bears from your fanny pack, then you win.