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Page of longwall26's best tweets

@longwall26 : Pregnancy is so weird. It's, like, "Who's that in my belly? It's Brad. He's going to drive a used Buick one day."

@longwall26: Forcing my general contractor to dig his own grave. He says he can be done by May, maybe June. Depends on some other jobs.

@longwall26: Humans: Okay, so
Dog Negotiator: Yes
Humans: Uh
Dog Negotiator: Absolutely. We'll do it
Humans: I haven't even
Dog Negotiator: I love you

@longwall26: *raises visor on knight helmet* Define "silly purchases," Cheryl

@longwall26: Raised by wolves. Sent to college by wolves. Moves back home with wolves. Learns to ignore wolf-mom's worried glances.

@longwall26: To avoid eating all the Halloween candy, I got tiny Bibles to hand out instead but, nope, I've eaten all those too.

@longwall26: *refills beautiful woman's wine glass* haha I feel like I've been talking about corn dogs--and my love of corn dogs--all night

@longwall26: Fun idea: Have a magician saw you in half at your funeral. Or not even a magician, just anybody with a big saw.

@longwall26: *tops off beautiful woman's wine glass* But what if you could, Sharon, what if you could control the cat with a Nintendo Power Glove?

@longwall26: People to panhandlers: Get a job, you lazy bum
People to ducks: Who has free bread for you? Is it me? Yes, it is