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@loribuckmajor : Doctor's office: All our records are electronic now just fill out these 12 forms.

@loribuckmajor: Wrapping gifts and one kid has more than the other so to even it up I hope she likes this bag of potatoes.

@loribuckmajor: Posted a photo of my clean house on Facebook and it was flagged as fake news.

@loribuckmajor: Ok you with pneumonia, go sit between the perfectly healthy lady and the guy with the blood shooting out of his leg

and wait.


@loribuckmajor: Each time my husband yells for the Warriors an angel (me) uses his credit card.

@loribuckmajor: Made plans to exercise with a friend and now I have to go get in a car accident.

@loribuckmajor: After exercising and eating right all week on Saturday I'm like the Kool-Aid man running into Chipotle.

@loribuckmajor: Based on Harrison's choice of best place to land, golfers are the most dispensable.


"Ma'am, that's a watermelon"