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Page of mayamanion's best tweets

@mayamanion : Rich people say "Summered" we summered on Cape Cod. We went to Maine once on a Wednesday, I Wednesdayed in Maine

@mayamanion: I've been listening to the official workout station on Pandora for 3 months and I'm still fat, I'm calling bullshit.

@mayamanion: Who needs whips and chains? Christian should have had Ana read Fifty Shades of Grey if he wanted to torture her.

@mayamanion: Ok parents who have really clean houses, do you have outdoor pets and outdoor kids? How does this work?

@mayamanion: In my son's class they were talking about allergies, my son said "My mom says she's allergic to most other moms" Super

@mayamanion: The whole "bad boy" thing is fun until you have kids with him. Ooh you drank away the diaper money? That's soooo hot

@mayamanion: My 42 yr old friend is dating a 24 yo guy, she caught him cheating so she took away his play station for a week