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@notalogin : Friend: Pics or it didn't happen

Picasso: Here

Friend: Ok, that doesn't actually clear anything up

@notalogin: What's your WiFi pw?
All caps?
Yes; all lowercase.
It's all caps, but all lowercase.
Is there a Starbucks nearby?

@notalogin: My grandpa used to whip us grankids with his belt, but I know he did it out of love: he really loved whipping children.

@notalogin: Me: You should know I'm alliterate
Her: You mean illiterate?
Me: No, not necessessfully

@notalogin: Which of the f's in 'Jeff' is silent?

@notalogin: [My funeral]
Friend 1: So how did he die?
Friend 2: Mistaken identity
F1: What happened?
F2: He mistook himself for someone who could outrun a freight train

@notalogin: Date: I love chicken
Me [trying to impress]: I'm actually a HUGE coward

@notalogin: I wrote a screenplay
-No you didn't
About our Savior
-Just stop
Opening Judea's best ice cream shop
-Shut up
It's Jesus Christ, Scooper Star

@notalogin: Pretty much everyone I've ever met has told me to stop exaggerating

@notalogin: Morpheus: take the blue pill, the story ends. Take the red pill, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes
Dog: (staring at gray pills) Crap