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@nyquills : Sherlock: You're a drinker, whiskey's your poison but mum doesn't approve. Upper- no middle management. You hate your job but it's too late for a change. A droll existence, Stacy. Barista: *rubbing temples* Again, just say the name on the cup and say "Have a nice day."

@nyquills: Angel: we need to make more creatures

God: why?

Angel: you killed them all


Angel: giant meteor..

God: oh ya lol, idk bring back wooly mammoths they were cute

Angel: but the ice age is over it'll be too hot

God: c'mon man it's the weekend just shave em or something

@nyquills: boss: stop saying "see you soon" to every customer.

me: i'm confused do we want repeat business or not?

boss: yes of course but this is-

me: a friendly salutation to keep'em coming back?

boss: -a funeral home.

@nyquills: Interviewer: what makes you stand out?

Harry Potter: i'm a Wizard.

Interviewer: *scratching head* everyone here is tho, why are you the best?

Harry Potter: My mom like, REALLY loved me.

@nyquills: God: have a seat it may take a while to explain what you do.











Sloth: *begins moving towards chair*

God: okay actually you got it have fun on earth.

@nyquills: I have Buzzfeed blocked for 20 reasons: number 18 will shock you

@nyquills: God: you run really fast.

Horse: sweet.

God: people ride you in circles for sport.

Horse: kindof weird but ok

God: also don’t break a leg.

Horse: why?


Horse: God? why?

@nyquills: Lucifer: what if we make lots of bugs?

God: love it, it's done!

[3 days later]

Lucifer: how was your trip to earth?

God: *covered in bug bites* i'm moving your office to the basement.

@nyquills: [Running out of gas in the desert]

Me: I guess this is the end. We'll die of thirst soon.

Co-Worker: This is a Pepsi Truck.

Me: *gazing out over the sand dunes* 3, 4 days tops.

@nyquills: God: welcome to heaven!

Me: but i didn't believe in you.

God: yeah i get that a lot.

Me: so... we're all good then?

God: lmao no I just wanted to do this *reaches for lever*