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@paperphotoyo : Him: Hey
*Googles a cute reply*
*looks at Wikipedia*
*reads up on crime scenes*
*forgets to write back*

@paperphotoyo: *accidentally skips the bottom step of the stairs*

Oh my God. This must be what a sky diver’s rush feels like.

@paperphotoyo: Managed to scare off my prison pen pal. Crazy doesn't even begin to cover what's wrong with me.

@paperphotoyo: When a man falls asleep next to me, I like to sniff his arm pit. Then he usually gets mad, I have to ride a different bus, it's a big mess.

@paperphotoyo: Being a parent means you have to make gigantic sacrifices like quality sleep and the backs to every remote control in your house.

@paperphotoyo: [1st Date]

Brain: Be cool, gurl
Him: Hi, I'm Ja-
Me: Toilet paper should be called crapkins
Netflix: So... Just you and me again, eh?

@paperphotoyo: My neighbor can't understand why he just found human shit on his front porch.

I can't understand why he would use a power saw at 5:48 am.

@paperphotoyo: Just had to Google synonyms for the word creative.

The irony is not lost on me.