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Page of phalguy's best tweets

@phalguy : I've got 99 problems,
but my OCD wants one more.

@phalguy: How do Tie Fighter pilots see sideways?
How do Stormtroopers go to the bathroom?

*Star Wars thoughts that keep me awake at night.

@phalguy: Whoever came up with the slogan Diamonds are Forever, obviously never had herpes.

@phalguy: I'm sleeping in this morning.


@phalguy: I just watched a tumbleweed get blown across the road.

I'm so jealous.

@phalguy: 10: What does AF mean?

After Flossing. Now go brush your teeth and they will be clean AF.
Why do you ask?

10: Mom said you were lazy AF.

@phalguy: I'm at my most NASCAR driver when I really have to pee.

@phalguy: Realtor: This house here comes with a playroom

Wife: Oh, the kids will love that!

Realtor: It's not that kind of playroom

Husband: Nice

@phalguy: After watching Star Wars 20 told me he probably wouldn't go and see it again.

And now I'm thinking he looks a lot like my old mailman.

@phalguy: [At dentist]
Dentist: Any plans for the weekend?


Dentist: I'm not doing anything either.