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Page of pixelatedboat's best tweets

@pixelatedboat : Sad to see Kamala Harris drop out. I didn’t like her policies but she was the candidate most likely to build a RoboCop

@pixelatedboat: When Kanye rapped “Jesus was a truth seeker, he got crucified/ I bought a moose from a zookeeper, I got moosified”, I felt that

@pixelatedboat: Hello @netflix. I’ve written a script for a scary movie you could make for Halloween. It’s called “Jetpack Dracula”. Let’s make it happen.

@pixelatedboat: People on this site love to complain that there are no good billionaires, but there’s a simple solution: if every one of my followers gives me $3500 I will become the one good billionaire

@pixelatedboat: Incredible news from Britain. This changes everything

@pixelatedboat: “Nothing suspicious about Jeffrey Epstein death” says medical examiner Eprey Jeffstein

@pixelatedboat: BREAKING: Epstein autopsy reveals his teeth had become piano keys, consistent with death by piano drop

@pixelatedboat: “Speed” remake with Scarlett Johansson as the bus