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Page of rolldiggity's best tweets

@rolldiggity : "And if you look out to the left, you'll miss everything to the right. Remember, every choice is also a loss." - Me as a tour guide

@rolldiggity: A Star Wars scene where drunk Luke and Han admit they have no idea what Chewie and R2 are saying, and then they both just start laughing

@rolldiggity: Whenever I fill out a job application with a box for "Race," I add a question mark and then write, "Anytime. Anywhere."

@rolldiggity: 1. Loan someone a pocket knife.
2. Take it back by wrapping it in a rag.
3. Explain you need a knife with someone else's prints on it.

@rolldiggity: When your date asks about your hobbies, DON'T grab her table knife in a napkin and say, "Collecting knives with strangers' prints on them."

@rolldiggity: Dog Walking Business Idea:
1. Train every dog to walk another dog.
2. Put the dogs in a dog walking circle.

@rolldiggity: Art imitates life. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Flattery will get you nowhere. So GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ART DEGREE!

@rolldiggity: Fun Game:
1. Glue dark sunglasses to all pigeons in a park.
2. Poke stranger on the shoulder.
3. Whisper, "I think we're being watched..."

@rolldiggity: ME: "Trick or bear?"
[distant roar and sounds of clanking chains]

@rolldiggity: Bully: "Hey, four eyes!"
Me: "Don't you mean... fork eyes?"
[Turns around. Stabs bully with forks tied to glasses. Becomes class president.]