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@ruinedpicnic : me: [spends $20 on a parody MAGA hat with a subtle change]
anyone more than five feet away: oh look that person is a trump supporter

@ruinedpicnic: me:(nervously) so I gotta fight one of these things?
zookeeper: what? no
me: I choose...the polar bear
zookeeper: why would you choose that

@ruinedpicnic: some people want to be buried when they die. others want to be cremated. personally, I think I would like to be brought back to life

@ruinedpicnic: me: maybe those nazi salutes... we're just them reaching for the stars...
McDonald's manager: this is the fastest I've ever fired someone

@ruinedpicnic: J.K. Rowling: "Theres actually a goat with Harry Potter the entire time, its just never mentioned or does anything."

@ruinedpicnic: "anyone for turkey burgers?"
turkey: well sure haha
"oh, it's not a burger for turkeys"
turkey: what is it then
turkey: say it

@ruinedpicnic: [checks window]
[locks door]
[starts to tweet]
shrek was a d- [FBI agents burst into the room and leap on me] shrEK WAS A DOC UMENTArY

@ruinedpicnic: me: did you check the suggestion box
boss: we don't have a suggestion box we have a paper shredder

@ruinedpicnic: parent: why did you do this to my child
willy wonka: well you see they tried to eat some chocolate on a tour of a chocolate factory they won

@ruinedpicnic: "Sorry but It's me or the label maker."
[takes GIRLFRIEND label off her shirt]
"Thank y-"
[sticks on a label that says EX-GIRLFRIEND]