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@rzarosco : *does 3 or 4 pretty accurate karate kicks in front of a girl* "Ya as I was saying my dad went to middle school with the drummer from Tesla"

@rzarosco: MY AUNT: All we can do now is pray

DOCTOR: Oh nice so I should put down this cardio thoracic surgical instrument? We're good here?

@rzarosco: "We should definitely let dolphins go into space instead of monkeys" said one scientist obviously not a dolphin dressed up as a scientist

@rzarosco: Ask a girl if she wants to dance. If she says yes then start shooting at her feet. Congratulations you are now Yosemite Sam

@rzarosco: Just in: Chinese people confirm they were just messing with us with chopsticks. "You guys look like dumb idiots lol" says one Chinese guy

@rzarosco: Nice try weed people... Are we just supposed to legalize anything that comes from the ground? What's next potatoes?

@rzarosco: If I ever murder anyone I'm going to hide the body on my second or third page of favstar where no one will ever find it

@rzarosco: Is 6 celebrity impersonations too small a number for me to do on this first date? I feel like its a little low...

@rzarosco: Oh that's neat so you're a Cancer? Wait...astrologically or to society?

@rzarosco: I dont use one of those unfollower sites like a psycho. I use my handwritten list of followers and crosscheck it daily like a NORMAL PERSON!