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@shegotagronk : Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 53 times a day, you're an Instagram filter.

@shegotagronk: Don't cry because it's over, smile because you were able to steal 12 of his hoodies.

@shegotagronk: Realized it was time to seek help for my Twitter addiction after I opened a carton of eggs and said "Oh look, 12 new followers!"

@shegotagronk: I wished I loved anything as much as white people love saying "gracias" at Mexican restaurants.

@shegotagronk: The camera adds 10 pounds. The front facing iPhone camera adds 437 pounds.

@shegotagronk: It's fine when Santa does it, but when I see you when you're sleeping & know when you're awake it's "creepy" and "sir, you're under arrest"

@shegotagronk: I went to church today just to thank God I'm not Miley Cyrus.

@shegotagronk: My Grandma would be pissed if she found out how many times she's died so I could get out of having to go somewhere.

@shegotagronk: You know you drank too much last night when you have to use google maps to locate yourself the next morning.

@shegotagronk: Every time my gf stays over we reenact the last scene from Titanic. She hogs 99% of the bed while I'm in the floor hanging on for dear life.