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Page of skittle624's best tweets

@skittle624 : Son: We’re having chicken and rice for dinner?

Me: No. That’s for the dogs. Heat up some pizza rolls or something.

@skittle624: I don’t even bother moving when my Fitbit is charging. There’s no point.

@skittle624: High heels are beautiful and sexy until you wear them for 5 minutes and want to throw them against a wall.

@skittle624: I spent over $200 at the grocery store yesterday which means there will be no food in my house by tomorrow.

@skittle624: My husband said let’s cuddle, so he took one dog and I took the other two, and we cuddled.

@skittle624: There is a natural phenomenon going on in my house. It seems I’m the only one who sees the trash piling up. It’s quite astounding.

@skittle624: Congratulations to everyone who woke up with all of their fingers and toes.

@skittle624: I was terrified when my son started driving alone, but then realized he could get dinner and grocery shop. I’m good now.

@skittle624: My neighbors had a party and didn’t invite us. I know, I know. Their thank you card is already in the mailbox.

@skittle624: My EarPods died 5 minutes into my walk so I’m going home to watch TV. It was a sign. Exercise is stupid.