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Page of thejamietighe's best tweets

@thejamietighe : Should I buy a pizza? Heads I do, tales I ignore the coin.


Neighbour: Get out of my house!

Me: You're not even guessing.

@thejamietighe: ?When the moon hits your eye?

You'll be killed.

It's massive.

@thejamietighe: *cop pulls me over*

Cop:Had a bit to drink tonight?

Me:What makes you think I've been drinking?

*cop leans over and turns off lawnmower*

@thejamietighe: Coworker: What book you reading there?

Me: 'How To Kidnap A Coworker'


Me: Not you, Karen. A pretty one.

@thejamietighe: Tried cleaning the house to the A-Team theme and ended up building a tank. So close.

@thejamietighe: *rides in on giant turtle*

Me:Sorry I'm late.

Boss:You rode that to work?

Me:No, went to the zoo.

*phone rings*

Me:That'll be the zoo.

@thejamietighe: Stop earbuds from tangling by putting them on then carefully stapling them to your body.

Who's ready for music?

Not you.

You have tetanus

@thejamietighe: In a car crash a dog would rescue you.

However a cat would pour liquor over your face and testify against you in court.

@thejamietighe: *turns off life support*


*turns it back on*

Me: How's she now?

Him: Are you sure you're a doctor?

Me: Doct... No, I'm from IT.