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Page of thevickster_sa's best tweets

@thevickster_sa : You spin me right round, baby, right round...

~ my Roomba at night probably

@thevickster_sa: ~At a snowboarding store.

Him: you need a base grind and a wax, it's been a while.

Me: i know


Me: Wait, what, oh the board...

@thevickster_sa: When your unicorn and dragon start battling each other, it's time to lay off the Ambien

@thevickster_sa: Staring out into the horizon..

Me: this is so peaceful, tranquil & romantic

[Bf holding up a stuffed lion]

Bf:Ah zabenya za dabib du da

@thevickster_sa: Adulting so well today. Managed to make the bed while i was still in it.

Now to figure out how to get out, without messing it up.