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Page of trevso_electric's best tweets

@trevso_electric : On a scale of 1 to girl who just got back from a semester abroad in Europe, how annoying are you?

@trevso_electric: Don't give your heart to someone unless you're 100% certain that you're dead.

@trevso_electric: take me down to the paranoid city where the grass is hidden cameras and the girls are all talking about me.

@trevso_electric: If your Facebook picture is a photo of a sunset or something inanimate, I'll assume you have a dissociative identity disorder.

@trevso_electric: If you want to know what a girl will look like in 30 years, stop talking to her and show up to her house in 30 years to check on her.

@trevso_electric: Man who looks forward to spending his entire life with Kim Kardashian disagrees with Grammy decision.

@trevso_electric: So many mixed messages in the media. Titanic tells us "never let go." Frozen says "let it go." Smdh

@trevso_electric: Posing with your cat to attract men is like posing with your cat to attract men,

@trevso_electric: The leading method of suicide in Albania is attempting to kidnap Liam Neeson's daughter.

@trevso_electric: One day we will look back at the criminalization of marijuana and laugh because we will be so high.