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Page of treydayway's best tweets

@treydayway : Me trying to reach for my goals

@treydayway: I hum "Eye of the Tiger" when I have to stand-up from a low couch

@treydayway: Some of y'all expect more from a retail employee than of your elected officials

@treydayway: I'm not even opening the door for kids dressed as police for Halloween

@treydayway: I hate these new video games that make you talk to other characters. The fact I hate conversations is the reason I'm playing video games.

@treydayway: Kids these days won't get the trauma of passing notes in class and hoping nobody reads it until it reaches the recipient.

@treydayway: Pedestrians cross the street like it's on their bucket list to get hit

@treydayway: Don't give people who sneeze loudly the attention they crave.

@treydayway: Nobody associated with Pizza Hut better say anything controversial. I need my stuff crust pizza

@treydayway: I'm from a generation that wouldn't dare tell an adult that we were bored.