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Page of waydybee's best tweets

@waydybee : whenever someone i know introduces me to someone else i say, "oh, this is the one u were talking about" &watch the awkward stares!

@waydybee: Finally goes to open-mic night. gets on stage. bombs so badly gets arrested for terrorism. #BucketListFails

@waydybee: Met this chinese guy with the surname Shen. His name's Eric. As in Eric Shen. Have him for more than 4hours, call a doctor!

@waydybee: if a pea-brain is someone with a small brain, then a peacock is someone with a ...? no?

@waydybee: Every time i tell people i want to be a comedian they laugh. See, im that good!!

@waydybee: Sometimes i think my life sucks. Then i look at the lives of others. Then it hits me. My life does suck!!