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Page of wolfpupy's best tweets

@wolfpupy :

@wolfpupy: thinking about eating a lot of candy. which i have obtained legaly, through the trick or treat system, for many years

@wolfpupy: if anyone tries to tell you your dreams are unachievable just remember i have crashed my dirt bike into all 7 wonders of the world

@wolfpupy: popcorn, or as cerebral smart minds such as myself refer to it 'popped corn', is the number #1 food of watching things

@wolfpupy: what most people dont know is that you can use the trick or treat system to get large amounts of candy for free

@wolfpupy: i was just about to ramp my car off a cliff into the ocean but then i remembered someone had told me to drive safe earlier

@wolfpupy: the blood of the innocent will run in the streets? maybe it should get a car or at least use the sidewalk