Voting was a lot more fun in the days when you got 4 snapshots for a dollar in the booth.

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[after putting a fake mustache on an elephant]
FRIEND: You seen my elephant?
ME: no
FRIEND: [eyeing elephant] Maybe this fine gentleman has


pinnochio trying to win a 40 yard dash by lying as fast as he can at the end


If you keep a pen in your mouth when you’re on your computer no one asks if you’re busy.


CW: How was your weekend?

*finds nearest object*

CW: Are you talking to a stapler?

“I’m sorry, I have to take this.”


I’ve decided to donate my brain to science.

[years later, my brain is used to prop open the Science door]


Me: You put the “cow” in “coworker”
Her: Excuse me??
Me: It’s a joke format.
Her: I’m telling HR..
Me: Ok but I doubt they’ll get it either.


DR DOG: It says you’re here for a blood test. First, some questions. Number one: over the last six months who’s been a good boy?


Glad my car insurance company requires a 10 character password to log-in. Wouldn’t want someone to hack in and…pay my insurance bill


Gonna be a fiscal conservative for Halloween

First kid gets all my candy, then I assume it’ll trickle down to the rest of the neighborhood