waitress: *showing me around the restaurant* welcome, is this your first time?

me: no no I’ve eaten food before

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House is a mess … Walked in the other day and there were 2 people on the couch blindfolded and filming a Fabreeze commercial


Sometimes Jesus asks himself, “What would some self-righteous hypocrite do?”


Whoops, pizza sauce on my hands. Better wash this off with soap and water. Oh poop on my ass? I’ll just use this dry paper and call it good.


Untangling Christmas lights is the closest my wife and I have ever gotten to S&M.


Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate Halloween. Guess they don’t like random people coming up to their door.


My favorite thing about eating at a traditional Italian restaurant is getting a side of pasta with my pasta


JEDI WHO INVENTED LIGHTSABER: ok its a destructive laser sword so maybe we shoudnt wear anythig too flowy


Wtf, tried giving my political opinions at the checkout line today and nobody clapped.