War & Peace wasn’t written to be downloaded on your iPad, Carol. Tolstoy wrote it for you to carry around and impress people with.

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*Gets on plane*

*Takes out earbuds*

*Untangles earbuds*

*Plane lands*


Her: You ate that banana so fast, I don’t even think you took the sticker off the peel.
Me: Peel?


Families that do Christmas card photo shoots months before Christmas have the organizational skills of high-level Nazis.


Seize the day! by its legs and lock it in chains. Hold a mock trial, find the day guilty. Behead the day. Bury the day in a nameless grave.


*gets so drunk I grab a fish out of your fish tank and shakes it at you screaming “WHAT KIND OF DOG IS THIS?!” *


If you send her a message and she doesn’t reply in six months she is probably thinking about it


[police chasing man on foot]


Man: *breathless* Oh God! I can’t run anymore.

Police: *grinning* sounds like you need… arrest.


“I’m ONE PERSON trying to hold this whole house together!” my husband hollers in frustration as the kids flee back to the tv, abandoning him with the collapsing gingerbread house.


[After 20 min at your house]
I used all your toilet paper
“Check in the cabine-”
All of it
“We have more in the gar-”
All of it all of it


[bleeding out]

ER Doctor: do you know your blood type?

ME: I’ve never really thought about it TBH. As long as it has a good personality