[Watching an educational show]

[3 year-old asks a million questions I have no answer for]

Me: Okay, let’s watch Bugs Bunny instead.

[5 minutes later]

3: Why doesn’t he hop?

Me: ??????

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Me: your shoes are on the wrong feet
Me: …….
Me :
4yo : but I don’t have any other feet
Me : fair enough –__–


Make your cavity search more entertaining by keistering surprises for the TSA agent.
What did you find, Gary? No that’s not a Chinese finger trap. Keep looking.


If you’re wearing khaki above the waist I’m going to assume you know everything about every animal.


Last week my husband made a delicious chocolate mousse. Today he confessed that it was made with tofu. I’m doubtful our marriage can survive such deceit.


I’m at my most financial consultant when I tell the McDonald’s employee what my change back should be.


My favorite thing to say when a man offers me a drink is, “Of course I’ll have another…I AM drinking for two, after all!”


Give a man a fish and chances are you won’t be asked to be in charge of buying a gift “from all of us” anymore.


A family of crows flying into a windmill is a murder suicide