we call em houseplants like thats where they belong but its just where we put em thats like if u threw me in the sewer & called me sewer boy

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Your first instinct is gonna to be to spell “leopard” and “deaf” correctly. You’re going to want to resist that. – Best band manager ever.


Black Friday: Because Only in America, People trample others for Sales the day after being thankful for what they already have


doctor: im afraid u only have a few minutes left to live

me: [sobs] oh my god are u sure

doctor: [pulls out gun] im totally sure


once someone was like “millennials don’t answer a door if they aren’t expecting anyone???” and i get why the 70s had so many serial killers


i only eat nature valley granola bars in the beds of my enemies.


I was lying next to 4 and he looked into my eyes and stroked some hair off my face and my heart melted but then he stroked a bit harder and said “mummy I can’t rub the lines out your face”