“Wearing horizontal stripes will make you look bigger and really stand out.”

Young Waldo: (whispering) Some day I’ll prove you wrong.

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Blew my nose…….lost 2 pounds of mucous and got an ab workout.


Leaving my browser history open in case anyone in this coffee shop tries to steal my laptop when I’m in the bathroom.


Mirror mirror on the wall, can I call you Jim or something cuz I’m not saying mirror mirror on the wall every time. That’s just ridiculous


Winter sex: “Let’s do this”. *slowly takes off all three pairs of rugby socks, wipes nose, continues to take off more socks*


Hey Shakira, I get it. With all of these nachos and tequila, my hips don’t lie either.


you really had to be dumb to get convicted of a crime before like..1950. Like you could shoot someone while screaming your socoial security number and the cops still had like a 3% chance of finding you


Finding Nemo 2? I swear, if that kid gets lost again Finding Nemo 3 better be where child services locks the dad up for extreme negligence.


Kanye West builds a time machine so he can interrupt himself interrupting Taylor Swift.


Please don’t ruin Breaking Bad for me… I’m only at the part where A texts Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily