Went out drinking at the bar last night.

Took a cab home.

Trying to figure out what to do with the cab in my garage?

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The Chopped contestants open their ingredients box, each finding the head of a loved one. Two scream, the third is thinking “bourbon glaze”.


Treat your woman like a princess. Spice up your relationship & have her kidnapped. Then do mushrooms & swim through the sewers to find her.


I’ve always taught my children that no matter what race or religion, all good looking people deserve respect.


Baptisms were invented by a guy who had to explain why he was caught trying to drown a baby.


My years of napping and making out with strangers have prepared me for a solid career as a CPR dummy


Has anyone else noticed that since the invention of the smart phone, bathroom stall graffiti was moved to Twitter?


My grocery list is just a piece of paper saying don’t run into anyone you know