What genius named it a “news feed” on Facebook and not “bullshit”?!

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One of my girlfriend’s bras made it into the dryer.
It was nice knowing you guys.


Pro-tip to avoid corona-virus

Eat garlic.

Lots of garlic.

It won’t do anything against the virus, but it will keep other people away.


-So how can we help you today Mr Benson?

“Please. Mr Benson was my father.”

-Alright. So how can we help you today Mr Bensonson?


Your blood pressure looks normal, I’ll fix that. – Children, every five minutes.


Fact: if you drop a penny from a skyscraper it can kill someone on the street? It’s true, I’m still glad I went with a bowling ball though


Calm down hipsters who clear your throats while pronouncing hummus. You bought it at Whole Foods, not a bazaar in Marrakech.


When you’re accused of buying someone a gift last-minute at Walgreens, don’t reveal you actually went to Walgreens a month ago.


Rick Astley: Do you have any Pixar movies I can borrow?

Me: You can have Cars, Toy Story & Ratatouille, but I’m never gonna give you UP.


Lois Lane: “Clark, have you given any thought to contact lenses?”

Clark Kent: *starts sweating nervously*