What if im actually attractive and hot girls just think im out of their league?

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How to decorate for Halloween:
1: Buy the biggest pumpkin you can find.
2: Slam it down on your ex’s head.
3: Dress said ex as a scarecrow.


Got banned from another museum for trying to jump into the paintings.


The world would be a better place if everybody drank alcohol. It would get even better if some of them choked on it.


Not pictured: Joe waiting outside the door in his karate uniform ready to spring into action.


I call loading the dishwasher “quantum physics” because no one else in this house knows how to do that either.


People are allowed to change their mind, I whisper, as I reach for a third Cinnabon.


When they wheel me out in a body bag I hope someone sticks a pair of googly eyes on the outside.


Imagine being a medium and having to talk to dead people as well as living people. That’s too many people.


dating tip: do NOT kiss their dad on the first date to establish dominance. wait until at least the second date. he will respect you more