What kind of name for a storm is “Debby?”

Hurricanes should have names like “Satan”

No one should have their house destroyed by “Heather.”

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me: want to go to the ice rink?

friend: i can’t stand ice skating

me: you’ll be able to with practice


ME: Close your eyes, I got you a birthday present.

SPOUSE: *closes eyes* Oh?

ME: Remember how you told me you love Daft Punk?

SPOUSE: No. I said I’d love for you to stop listening to Daft Punk in the car.

ME: *nervously* Oh

*Daft Punk slowly rises from behind the couch*


Fantasia gave me unrealistic expectations of how much cleaning a bucket and mop would be motivated to do.


Watching cartoons with my son is awesome except for all the commercials & now his Christmas list has 26,724 things on it. Shit.


[third date]

ME: i want you to meet my parents

HER: uhh, don’t you think it’s a little too early for that?

ME: nah, it’s after 7, they should be home by now


Me, pretending to make an effort when I really don’t want to do something.


Boss: [to coworker] print out that document, and in the meantime-

Me: [from the other end of the office] DID SOMEONE SAY MEAN TIME?!

boss: oh God

Me: [stands up on Barbs desk] your kids are ugly as shit, Barb!


“If I let them stay up late on Friday night, we can sleep in Saturday morning!”

-a strategy that has never worked for any parent, ever.