What program do Jedi use to PDF files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi

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Home Alone 6: Homeland Security – Everyone in Washington D.C. has gone on vacation and left Kevin in charge!


If you feel hopeless about the world and your place in it, I can recommend something. Turn off all electronic devices, close your eyes, and sit still for 5 minutes. It won’t help, but now you’re 5 minutes closer to being dead and not having to worry about it.


WIFE: You promised you’d take the dog out.
ME: Okay, fine.
DOG: This is a really nice place.
ME: *looking up from menu* What are you gonna have?


If you think January has been a big month for marches, you’re gonna lose your mind when you hear what the 3rd month of the year is called.


son, you don’t need to close your eyes, it’s just a movie. the killer from the movie can still get you even if you’re not watching it


Forced homeschooling has taught me I had way too many kids


Me: *finally deciding to be productive*