“What sins have you committed?”
[20 minutes later]
… finally fit my whole fist up there. I shit you not. Father?
*vomiting sound*

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The beatles purposefully wrote catchy songs to generate interest in their band


ron weasley: i have to use old books

harry potter: wow

ron: and torn up shitty clothes

harry: yuck lol

ron: would be crazy if my best friend had a vault full of gold and could maybe help me out a little

harry: ya lmao that would be crazy


Parents w/ 1st Baby: “Aww he’s starting to walk! C’mon buddy, u can do it!”


for years you mocked us, you made fun of our over-sized purses full of goldfish crumbs, our hair ties on our wrists, our jackets just in case, but who do you need now? who has 6 half-full containers of hand-sanitizer stored in old bags around the house? that’s right. moms.


*in court*
Your honor,this case must be thrown out
“On what grounds?”
*points to defendants nametag: ABookByItsCover*
*Judges head explodes*


The inventor of Gogurt has died. He would like you to open his urn along the dotted line and splatter half the ashes all over your shirt.


Hamburglar search history:
• sentence for stealing burgers
• do inmates get burgers
• what is prison “beef”
• countries that don’t extradite


I hope my boss asks me to draw a bunch of cats wearing top hats today cause then I’ll already be done my work and I can leave early