When black guys say “ya feel me?”, I literally feel them so they know exactly what level of white I’m operating at.

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Another normal evening
Cook food – 30 minutes
Eat it – 5 minutes
Check Facebook – 1 minute
Check Twitter – 8 hours


What I said: let’s cuddle

What my toddler heard: let’s practice karate moves on moms gut


[lowering myself Mission Impossible style from the ceiling and hovering over your sleeping body]

Me, whispering: So, what did you mean by “oh.” in that text message?


Yes Grandma, I’m almost positive Arachnophobia is not the fear of people from Iraq


If you are considering buying some guy’s program that promises to make you rich in the stock market or real estate, ask yourself why does the guy need to make money off of selling you a program if he’s figured out how to get rich in the stock market or real estate?


Before kids: I’m going to age like fine wine.

After kids: I’m aging like cheese. Left outside.