When someone says “Happy New Years” I wonder, how many years are they talking about?

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Him: [sneezes]

Germs: ATTACK!

Her: bless you



At what age is it acceptable to completely let yourself go physically? Please say 44


WIFE: He never pays any attention to me. All he cares about is that dog.

THERAPIST: is this true?

ME: [sewing swim trunks for the dog] is what true?


Husband: *snoring*

Me: [slowly rolls him off the bed with my feet] THUMP

Husband: What the hell?

Me: OMG! Did you feel that earthquake?


Me: I would like to summon my daughter and feel her presence once more.

Psychic: Okay. We ask for the daughter to come down and —

Daughter: I’M IN MY ROOM, MOM!


Currently accomplishing an astonishing amount of nothing, at a blistering rate.


The original “Ben Hur” was a mega
hit movie ….with ( 11 ) Oscars.

The remake is a box office flop.

A clear case of “Ben Hur, Done That”


“Ooooh the Zodiac Killer, so scary. Are you going to kill me with astrology whoa that’s a big knife.”


Saw Helena Bonham Carter walking down Wardour Street earlier looking every inch the mystical vagabond. Was tempted to rub her head for luck.