why is everyone concerned about dying alone i don’t even want people to see me eating spaghetti

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The 6th day of xmas was the worst day of xmas bc after getting 5 golden rings she thought he moved on to jewelry & did not expect more birds


[God making trees]
God: “They’re alive but not. Every now & then they drop food.”
Angel: “I don’t–”
God: “Also they breathe the opposite.”


[before quarantine]

me: “gross! this cereal has gone stale”

[5 weeks in quarantine]

me: “you found cereal?! ill get the raccoon milk!”



~ me, yelling hilarious shit at the beef in this grocery store.


*whispers to businessman sleeping next to me on bus*
Sleep tight precious angel


deer diary:

day 67 at hugwerts skool uv wezirdry nd none uv teh studints hav noticd dat my wahnd is an slim jim.


HER: I’d invite you in, but I never kill on a first date

ME: kill?

HER: haha I meant kiss stupid autocorrect

ME: we are talking out loud


INTERVIEWER: Do you have any references?

ME: I find your lack of faith disturbing.


ME: *leans in really close* That’s a Star Wars reference.


The part I don’t like about the show Unsolved Mysteries is when the mysteries don’t get solved.


I’m at this weird place in my life right now where I’m being chased by police helicopters