Wife: Did you measure for carpet?
Me: Yeah, from the window
Wife: Don’t
Me: To the wall
Wife: Don’t
Me: tothesweatdripoffmyballs!

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And I don’t want to hear people from imaginary places like Finland telling me that 57 degrees isn’t cold, save it for the elves, Santa


Now I’m trying to see if I can hear the ocean

– me, as a gynecologist


No one is more unnecessarily confident than a white person that just ordered Mexican food in a Spanish accent.


ME: *holding door wide open for her*

HER: Are you saying I’m fat?


Peanut Butter CEO: it’s taking too long to mix it, leave it lumpy

Me: umm

CEO: call it crunchy

Me: oh ok then we charge less

CEO: hahaha no


HILLARY CLINTON: Putin wants a puppet as the US president



Hot coffee: Perfect! Iced coffee: Delicious! Room-temperature coffee: The most disgusting liquid on earth.


My cousin mad because he just found out his wife is on Tinder but he only saw her profile bc he was on Tinder being shiesty too… so now he can’t bring it up and is just pissed internally everyday


If you don’t like the way you look naked, remember; by the time you have your clothes off, its the other person’s problem.


My dog is always so happy to see me in the morning. I’m sure it’s 90% because I’m letting him out to pee but that other 10% is all me.