Wife: We’ve been robbed!
Me: I called the copse
Wife: You mean the COPS?
Group of trees: Hi, we’re Special Branch

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My husband is helping me relax this morning by making the kids lunches. He’s asked me 57 times what goes in each lunchbox, and still hasn’t found the bread yet.


The doctor told me I need to rest so I dropped the kids off at his office & now he won’t stop calling me as if that’s going to help me rest.


The soft snowflakes swirling in the night sky remind me of the time mom had too much gin and threw a roast duck at dad for taking her youth.


How to enjoy babies:
1 Hold them
2 Kiss them
3 Hand them back to their mom
4 Go have drinks with grown ups
5 Laugh about not having a baby


My Husband objected to a question I asked in court and we are on the same side if you wanted to know how fun it is to work with your spouse.


Still trying to convince my boss that I’m just using beer-flavoured toothpaste.


My 5 year old son just asked “what if we put a slice of turkey in the DVD player and it played a movie about the turkey’s whole life” and none of the parenting books I’ve read have prepared me for this question.


I don’t mean to brag, but I’m in my 30’s and my bank account makes me look 21.



*tries to lift dumbbell
*drops it


Me: I know, it’s just this KFC grease making it slip