Wizard of Oz (1939) A hapless brain injured teen is led down the wrong path to heroin, cosplay, organ harvesting and ultimately homicide

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Too many men hate it when I put both of my hands on their shoulder and ask if everything is alright take this guy at the urinal for example


How in the hell do people lose their children in a mall?

Seriously, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


My wife sent me an image of herself which really enticed me into coming home from work early.

It was a picture of her at the airport.


Preacher: God’s love is unconditional!

Me: Then why is there a hell?


Me: Your move.


My dad: See, when you said you’d met a “special someone” we thought…

Me: Go on.

My dad:

Me: [taking hold of the penguin’s flipper] GO ON.


Sorry I look depressed. It’s just that when I heard the sound of your high heels on the hardwood floor, I thought a pony was in the house.


everyone’s always saying ‘the good ones die young’, ‘god only takes the best’. so I must be immortal


Are these the Americans?
Are these the Americans?
Are these the Americans?

– watching the Olympics with my wife


Get a hair cut, run away without paying. They can’t chase you because they’re holding scissors. The perfect crime.


“Dad, what caused the Great Fire of London?”

[googles but can’t get wifi] Well son, that’s when Bach dropped the most fire mixtape of 1666