Working hard at building up my self confidence! (that’s what I named my new Lego set)

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that awkward moment when you stub your toe and accidentally summon the spirits of a thousand dead feet while you yell and curse


I think my dog just OD’d on lightening bugs. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Please teach your pets about bug addiction


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except bears, bears will kill you.


[wife walks in on me showering]
“Why are you wearing swim trunks?”
No reason.
[she glares at me]


Everyone’s been asking me how I would improve shoes. Here is my answer:


The bathroom just ran out of paper towels, so obviously I had to wipe my hands on the next person I passed in the hallway.


Today I learned two things:
1. Build-A-Bear Workshop only lets you stuff fake animals
2. Mall security guards get to use real handcuffs


Mom always said she didn’t have a favorite child, which was tough because I don’t have any brothers or sisters.


VEGETARIAN FRIEND: Can you believe these “mashed potatoes” are actually cauliflower?!?

ME: Yes. They taste like cauliflower. All of the things you make with cauliflower taste like cauliflower.