Worst Excuses For Being Late
5) Too many dragons
4) Out of dragons
3) I’m not late, Steve is
2) Time is fake
1) Made a list of excuses

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*An elf cop pulls Frodo riding an ent over*
Elf Cop: Where ya going?
Frodo: To throw a ring into a volcano!
EC: Step out of the treehicle


I took 1000 photos of water vapor & uploaded them to the Cloud. Now we wait.


International Dairy Council: Nobody saw this coming. We don’t know if our markets can recover from this but the only thing we can do now is pray.

[meanwhile, at Olive Garden]

Server: Sir, please

Me: I didn’t say when yet


How do you tell someone you’re the one I want without sounding too much like John Travoltra in Grease.


I buy reverse osmosis filtered alkaline water for my dog and he prefers to drink out of the lake.


Fred: let’s settle this once and for all!
*fred rips my face away revealing bloody skull*
Velma: he wasn’t wearing a mask!
Fred: I know.


This guy next to me thinks I’m flirting, but really I’m just trying to see where he parks so I can steal his gas


If I haven’t said something mildly offensive today I’m sorry and I promise to try harder


College Math: Your kid lives in a dorm room the size of a matchbox. When she moves home, her belongings fill every inch of an entire house. How is it possible? Calculator allowed. Show your work.


me: help! that guy stole my identity!
also me: no i didn’t