Would the person who has been writing my horoscope please lighten up.

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me: [punching in at work]

boss: you know Chad is eventually going to press charges


[all the dairy products r hanging out]
Milk: lets go drink
Cheese: yea
Yogurt: yea
Whipped cream: my gf says i cant. its scrapbooking night


If you are in a relationship and one of you has the better credit score. That is why they call it a significant other
(Sign-if-I-can’t )


Donald Trump said he thinks we made the right decision to leave the EU. This confirms that we absolutely did not make the right decision.


American Ninja Warrior is a bunch of people who took “the floor is lava” game way to seriously as kids.


[superhero meeting]
“What’s your enemy called?”
“Dr Doom. Yours?”
[stifles laughter]
[just loses it]



Chief scientist:What the hell are you wearing?!

Me (Dressed as Liberace): I thought you said we’d be mapping the genome in sequins


I’ve been divorced so long I’ve almost forgotten how to clear a computer history.