You don’t serve tuna do you?

“No sir, we don’t serve fish here”

*A family of tuna in fake mustaches whistles innocently at another table*

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Eve: *chewing* what was that thing we weren’t supposed to eat?

God: please tell me you didn’t eat the apple

Eve: *licking fingers* oh haha no

God: …where’s Adam?


Pedestrians cross the street like it’s on their bucket list to get hit


My daughter did a cart wheel and slammed her head right into the coffee table.

That’s all the DNA test I need.


ME: Hi I’d like to apply for a job as a contortionist

“When can you come in for an interview?”

ME: I’m flexible


Me: Nice new car, boss
Boss: Well, if you set yourself targets, work hard, stay focused, next year I’ll be able to buy an even better one


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Son: Why are you being so encouraging? Are you drunk?

Me: Yep. So pass your driving test or we’re walking home.