Your lips say no but your eyes, they say no too. And your body language, that definitely says no. What I’m saying is you’re very consistent.

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My Husband objected to a question I asked in court and we are on the same side if you wanted to know how fun it is to work with your spouse.


What idiot named him Spider-Man instead of Peter Parkour?


Failure is not an option,

it comes bundled with your Windows 10 software.


“How much for this toaster?”

“An arm & a leg.”

“How about a leg & 2 fingers?”

“A leg & 3 fingers.”


– Cannibal Pawn Stars


Opened the lint filter on my dryer after washing my dog’s bedding and another dog fell out.


I had a wonderful conversation sitting up front with a taxi driver. A great guy. Even let me try out my poor Mandarin on him. Then he said, “You look great. Really. Wonderful. Are you over 90?”
“I’m 83.”
“Really? You’re only 83?”
“Just drop me here. “


I’m babysitting my 2 yr old nephew today and when I told him he couldn’t eat ice cream for breakfast he told me “you’re not my best friend anymore” so we compromised and now he’s on his second bowl of ice cream and I’ve gained the title “best friend in the whole wide world”


Stranger danger is a very real thing.

They nearly always react badly to proposals.


ME: This house is haunted by a teenager who died here

HIM: Nothing is happening

ME: It’s midday, he doesn’t get up until mid-afternoon


“Everything I touch just turns to shit!”

– Large intestines